Saturday, 4 May 2013

How to run your best 5k

Two reasons for this one. Firstly I'm loving Data Visualisations at the moment, they are a great way to put across a message or visualise the data. This one is not about the data but to convey the message of how to run 5 kilometers.
The other reason is that I run and to actually see tips like this is very helpful. Maybe it can help me reduce the number of injuries I get.

Shooting Hoops: Making $$$

I must I like this one a bit more because of my love of Basketball/sports in general, but still the amount of information put into is great.
There is so much great data on Basketball I love it.
If only I could work with sports data. An excuse to do what I have been doing since I was a boy as job, I think that would be my dream job.

Melbourne Pictures

A few pictures I've taken of Melbourne during my morning walks on my phone (Nokia 920) over the last couple of weeks.
Not bad for a phone.